Nicholas & Allison Swain

"For those of you looking for a home inspector I high suggest and encourage that you hire Paul from On Point Home Inspection. My fiancee and I hired Paul to inspect our house and we couldn’t have been more pleased. We hired an inspector, and gained a friend through the process.

Allison and I were both first time home buyers, and we had no idea what we were doing. We did a Google search of local inspectors, and came across the On Point Home Inspection website. We felt confident in hiring Paul from the information we were able to obtain right off the website. Other businesses only had a phone number or an email to contact. Right away we knew that On Point Home Inspection was different from the other options.

Paul was very thorough and explained everything to us. He was patient and answered all of our questions. Paul’s inspection report was very detailed, noting every concern that he found, from the cracks in the floor to the major electrical and plumbing issues, Paul pointed them all out to us. We knew exactly what we were getting into.

What really impressed me about Paul was about a three days before we were set to close our lender informed us that we needed the house to be inspected to make sure that the electrical and plumbing issues had been taken care of. Our lender also told us that we would need to install a railing going from our garage to our basement or we would not be able to close. We were frustrated beyond belief, because to us this was very last minute tasks that could have been completed weeks prior. When we contacted Paul he rest assured us that we would be taken care of. That Monday Paul was able to make it out to the house, conduct an impromptu inspection on the items that needed to be addressed. Thankfully we were also able to get a railing installed, which Paul was able to approve as well. We truly credit Paul for us being able to close on time. If it wasn’t for him being flexible and able to help us out, last minute, like he did we may not have been able to close. Paul stated, “I am your inspector, I am going to take care of you and your family,” and he did exactly that. Paul didn’t have to help us out, but he did because he cared about us, and that is rare these days.

The thing I like about Paul is that he is very personable. He treated us with kindness and respect. He listened to us and our concerns. He treated us as if we were guest in his own house, not as clients. He made us feel at home, before our home was our home. We were able to reach out and contact Paul and he was always able to respond back to us in a timely matter. Paul is a person of good morals and stands by his code of ethics. He never lead us astray. He is a down to Earth guy, willing to do what is right. He was honest with us and upfront about everything.

Not only were we are delighted but honored to have had Paul, a Veteran who served his country in the Air Force, as our home inspector. Should we purchase another property we know who we are calling to inspect that property. We will not go with anyone else. I am proud to have partnered with Paul and On Point Home Inspection.

Nicholas Swain - one impressed and happy customer"