Resources for Home Buyers & Sellers

When you are buying a home, making sure that it is safe for you and your family
is of prime importance. It's not just critical for your health; it's also vital to ensure
that the home is a sound investment.



At On Point Home Inspections, we offer Radon testing with or without an inspection. 

Radon is an odorless, colorless gas that comes from the breakdown of uranium in the soil. Because the air pressure inside your home is usually less than that of the soil it stands on, this acts as a vacuum, drawing radon gas (if it is present) into the home. Radon is a fairly common occurrence. Half of American homes have a radon level above the average level. One in 15 homes has a level high enough that the U.S. government has recommended that action be taken to control the leakage. Radon comes in through the foundation, where the foundation comes in contact with the soil; through gaps, cracks and cavities in walls where plumbing enters; and through construction joints.



At On Point Home Inspections, if we observe asbestos-like material in a home, it will be noted in your report that it was observed. A specialist in Asbestos will need to be contacted for further evaluation. 

The hunt for a dream home can be very stressful. Purchasing a home is a big decision, so it’s important to feel safe and secure about this investment. When looking at older homes, it’s easy to become concerned about various problems with its age: an outdated kitchen, cracks in the foundation, the presence of radon. But so many buyers forget about the possibility for asbestos. 

For homes built prior to 1980, it’s safe to assume asbestos is present somewhere. Asbestos was seen as a construction miracle for its durability and resistance to heat and chemicals. Over time, more and more uses were found for it until the toxin became almost unavoidable!

Today, use of asbestos is more strictly regulated with certain newer products only being allowed to contain up to 1% of the mineral. But in many older homes, asbestos remains a threat.